Open morning 2017

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cashing up

Have a look at our fundraising page to see how you can help pre-school with our fundraising. We use our Nursery Education Grant funding to pay for the rent, our staff wages, training and everyday necessities such as snack food, paper and paint. This doesn’t leave much for new toys, equipment and big projects such as the new playhouse in the garden. Money raised pays for the extras or we sometimes save up for the larger projects, especially in the outdoor pay area.

We had a lot of community support for our events during December, including our stall at Dickens, raffle and Father Christmas bucket shake.  The money from these is going towards our new garden canopy, buying new resources for water play and updating other resources.

Bugs and Illness

bugs and illnesses

Please remember to let us know if your child is unwell and not able to attend pre-school. If they only have a cough or cold but are generally feeling OK, then they can attend pre-school. If your child has suffered from sickness or diarrhoea, please DO NOT return to pre-school until 48 hours after final bout. If your child has got headlice, they may attend once treatment has started. For information about any other illness exclusions that you are unsure about, please contact Pre-School.

Welcome to our new website

Website welcome

As you can see, we are now back up and running – we will update the website in the next few weeks to provide our usual information.

We will also be posting regularly to our Facebook page with activities that the children are undertaking so remember to have a look!

What OFSTED said…

“Staff plan meticulously and deliver activities that are exciting for children. They demonstrate deep understanding of how children learn. They use inspirational ideas and activities to make learning extremely enjoyable and fun for children.”

“Staff support children extremely well to develop wider friendship groups. As a result, the atmosphere is busy and purposeful, and children are sharing extremely well and learning from each other.”

“Children respond positively to the staff’s guidance and show them respect and good manners. These are positive attitudes, which serve children extremely well when they go to school.”

“There are established systems in place for sharing information and involving parents and children to share their ideas. Staff support parents extremely well to extend children’s learning at home.”


– – Ofsted Inspection Report 2nd October 2014


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